Monday, April 4, 2016

Mathy Date (Square root day)

My students gave me a beautiful prize today -- "सर, आज ची तारीख बघा ना... किति मस्त आहे... " I was truly surprised... but also, equally delighted... my students have started looking for maths in everything around... "काय विशेष आहे?" "सर, ४-४-१६... चार चोक सोळा" with a wonderful joy of discovery on their face as well as tone... "ओह... खरच छान.... असं परत कधी होणार का?" after about 3-4 seconds.. "सर, बे अठे सोळा" "अरे वाह.. आणि कधी येणार हे?"
"२ ओगस्ट ला..."
and to this, the other one cried loudly... "सर... आठ दुने सोळा आत्ताच गेला...!!" "Hmmm.. मग आता आठ दुने सोळा नंतर काही विशेश येणार का?" After almost couple of seconds... "चार पंचे वीस... २०२० मध्ये येणार हे.." "ok.. आणि तेव्हा तुम्ही कितवीत अस्णार?" "सर,,, नव्वीत.." i was about to ask them if they can find another similar (square root) date like today... and just at that moment... "सर... नव नवे एक्यांइशी (9-9-81)" "hmm... छान... मोठी उडी मारली तुम्ही... आणि तेव्हा तुम्ही कितवीत असनार?" "सर.. तेव्हा आम्ही म्हातारे झालो असणार".. and we all started laughing... :-) "बरोबर.. आणि कदाचीत आजच्या दिवसाची आठ्वण तुम्ही आप्ल्या नातींना देत असणार.." and to this they further started rolling on the floor.. :-)) being a maths teacher, how can i miss this golden opportunity...? " ok.. मला सांगा बरं, त्या वर्षी तुमचे वय काय असेन?" some of them were still engrossed in their funny imaginations.. as to how will they look and talk when they grow old... while some had dived into the Maths.. And very soon... "सर... 75 वर्ष" she replied with a stroke of confidence.. "कसं केलं बरं जरा सांग आम्हाला?" "सर, मी 81 ला 80 मानला... आम्ही सगळे २००५ मध्ये जन्मले आहोत.." "Ok... मग?" " मग मी २००० पासून २०८० पर्यंत ८० होतात... मग मी त्याच्यातून ते ५ घालवले... झाले ना ७५..." Though her strategy of subtraction had stolen my heart, however the cruel math teacher in me saw some flaw in her final answer and wanted her to find and correct the mistake... but, thankfully this job was done by her peer... " ए... 75 कसं? 76 येणार ना? " समजलं का तुम्हाला? :-) This is how our Maths classes mostly look like... What about yours? They are in 5th std.. from a Marathi medium municipal school.. 
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